Indie brands are taking the world by storm providing not only a different buying experience but also more clean, ethical products for consumers that are conscious about what they're putting in and on their bodies.

Independent brands have the freedom to do business the way they choose however, it can also be a little more challenging. Where there was once a void, HERMARKET™ offers a platform for indie brands to be discovered. With curated, in-person experiences, it's our vow to shine a light on her and her brand.

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Our Team

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Founder + Creative Brand Director

Kia Perry

Kia Perry is a graphic designer based in Atlanta, GA. She works with impactful, female-owned brands on crafting authentic visual identities through clean, minimal design with a touch of femininity. Her motto is always 'less is more'!

She created HERMARKET out of a passion to see indie brands owned by women thrive in the marketplace. Being a millennial herself, Kia knows the impact indie brands have on her generation so she wants to facilitate that connection with amazing, curated experiences.

Kia has built a brand that is all about the woman entrepreneur and she's not stopping until the future really is female!

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Co-Founder + Brand Strategist

Jazlin Pitts

Jazlin Pitts, digital marketing strategist, and creative has always had a passion for whats new and next. As a graduate of Florida State’s RMPD program, she has always admired women in the beauty, fashion and lifestyle space. 

 While studying for her M.A. at SCAD, she began to realize an opportunity in the market that was unaccounted for— women of color.  Since then, Jazlin has been determined to build the bridge between women and the marketplace whether it be offering products, services or spaces that aren’t readily available to them. 

 Giving women of all colors, shapes and sizes a platform to shine and promote themselves is one of her biggest goals!